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Phil's Automotive, Ltd. provides quality service, repair, and tuning for high performance automobiles. Whether you drive your car around the track, or around town, Phil's expertise will transform and help maintain your vehicle. From the most simple repair through complex modifications, Phil and staff will surpass your expectations.

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Phil's Automotive, Ltd.
3284 Main Road East
Emmaus, Pennsylvania 18049
(610) 967-5754 Voice
(610) 967-5612 Fax


Warranty: All Phil's Automotive LTD. products are sold without warranty, neither expressed or implied, written or oral. No warranty or representation is made as to the ability of any part to protect user from any form of injury or death. User assumes total responsibility for unit inspection prior to each use. User assumes total responsibility to obtain and adhere to applicable operating methods prior to use. All Phil's Automotive LTD. parts are sold as is with all faults. Phil's Automotive LTD. disallows any statement contrary to what is herein above written.

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